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periuk elektrik mini masak nasi sup ayam daging ikan

periuk elektrik mini masak nasi sup ayam daging ikan

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– Body: ABS plastic
– Inner pot: Non-stick surface
– Container: Stainless steel
•Capacity: 1litre
•Power: 200W
•Voltage: 220V – 50Hz
•Boils, steams, cooks, and heats up food
•Comes with carry handle for portability
Sick and tired of always having to eat out during work and burning a hole through your pocket? Want to be able to save money and eat healthy? 1L Multifunction  is the perfect solution to all your problems.
Portable & Convenient
Capable of cooking rice, noodles, and other meals, this mini cooker can be easily transported from your home to your office without taking up much space or weight. Simply prepare your meals at home and take it to the office while it cooks itself on the way thanks to the steam and heat inside the pot.
With 1L of space, this rice cooker can hold a substantial amount of rice, noodles, and other meals with extreme ease. This allows you to have your meals in the office without having to constantly spend money on eating out during your lunch break.

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